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Carbon's 20 Questions

A collective of inquisitive minds, skilled subject matter experts and proven go-getters—formed by strategy and bonded by results. We’re fueled by caffeine and peanut M&Ms with the drive to take your marketing communications to the next level. We believe looking good and sounding good isn’t good enough. That’s why our words and designs are informed by strategy, transforming your challenges into results-driven engagement opportunities.

Want to know more? Here’s our take on 20 Questions.

Q1 Our name: the Carbon Agency

Q2 What we do best: build brand recognition, develop strong marketing strategies, engage your customers online, tell your story with video and imagery, deliver ROI with direct mail, email and digital programs, get your word out through earned media and events

Q3 Favorite colors: Amber (PMS 1235) and Carbon (Black 7c)

Q4 Our home base: Lewisville, Texas

Q5 Our first office: Dale’s front room

Q6 # of Texas natives on our team: 1

Q7 # of New York Times best-selling authors on our team: 1

Q8 Carbonite interesting hobbies: High-flying ziplining adventures, juggling, gardening, baking treats and bread, trying new restaurants, Zumba, volunteering

Q9 Four-legged Carbonites: Claire, Louie, Barbie, Trixie and Zorro, and Holly

Q10 Our first “official” client: Westport Innovations

Q11 Our most recent client: Upper Trinity Regional Water District

Q12 Dale’s first job: Creative Director

Q13 Janice’s first “real” job: Newspaper Reporter (fun fact: this was also Eve’s first job and she was a radio DJ too!)

Q14 When we started: 2013

Q15 Our longest client: Humana

Q16 Carbonite favorite movies: Moonstruck, Crazy Rich Asians, Little Women, A Star is Born, any Avengers movie, Black Hawk Down

Q17 Our team’s favorite TV shows: Friday Night Lights, Yellowstone, Young and the Restless, Saturday Night Live, Dancing with the Stars, Good Bones, Ozark, Modern Family, Single Parents, Fixer Upper, Succession

Q18 Podcasts we love: Legal Wars, My Favorite Murder, Stuff You Should Know, Some Good News, Armchair Expert, Dr. Death, Life in the Fasting Lane (hosted by Eve), She Reads Truth

Q19 What we don’t do: create more problems than we solve

Q20 Drink always in-hand: sparkling water, a large coffee or our never-ending debate over Coke Zero or Diet Coke Click here to meet the whole Carbon team.

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