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DayTwo chose Carbon as a strategic partner to help them establish a foundation for their marketing efforts where none existed before. Carbon was also charged with executing a multi-media campaign to publicize DayTwo’s unique diabetes management program, bring their brand promise to life, and further the acquisition of new members.


Print, Digital, Product

Man and woman standing sholder to sholder laughing

Playing a major role in DayTwo’s initial marketing effort, the starter kit box for new members combines the principles of good design with clear, concise communication – two of Carbon’s many specialties.

Carbon created a personalized letter package to engage and entice prospective DayTwo members with informative copy and rewarding extras. Even in this digital era, traditional direct mail continues to be effective.

An open DayTwo welcome box to new members who qualified for their program
Member directo mail package including letter, envelope and buckslip
Mobile phone with a series of facebook social posts for DayTwo
10 pannel self-mailer package with bright branded graphics
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