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Skoden Brew

A Montana-based tribal operating company teamed up with Carbon for branding and package concepts for a new craft beer. 


New product development, identity, art direction

SkodenBrew_Beer copy.webp
SkodenLogo copy.webp

The brand identity needed to embody and reflect Skoden’s bold Native American spirit, as well as the natural beauty of the nearby Box Elder Mountains. Skoden – indigenous slang for “Let’s go then!” – not only resonates with its fans, but also elicits thoughts of outdoor adventure and strong community ties.


Additonally, the varied traditional and flavor-forward selections under the Skoden brand are brewed with hops grown on the reservation, expressing the interconnectedness of nature, a central tenet of the product.

Defining the brand’s new design

After carefully considing all background and insight shared by the client, the Carbon design team went to work, carefully cultivating a package design that visually embraced the brand attributes – natural, spirited, adventurous, and strong – while  featuring a stylized mountain backdrop within the new mark. 

Skoden_BeerCan_01 copy.webp
Skoden_BeerCan_02 copy.webp
Skoden_BeerCan_03 copy.webp
Skoden_EndingImage_01 copy.webp
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