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Typhoon Blaster

Two machines one portable power blaster. Typhoon Blaster revolutionized the power-washer industry with its innovative design and unparalleled performance. As the first true portable sand and water blaster, Typhoon Blaster has been a game-changer since its inception. 


Strategy, Identity & Branding, Print, Digital & Web, Product, Photography

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Brand strategy

Our team embarked on a full rebrand to create a credible and confident system that would resonate with our manufacturing and commercial audience.


Our goal was to design a look and feel that is immediately actionable, catering to the needs of the professionals who understand the difference.


To achieve this, we leveraged our expertise across brand collateral, photography, website development, and social engagement.

Photos that blast

To create a unified brand identity, we developed a distinct photography style that could be easily recognized by our target audience. By carefully selecting and editing images that aligned with the brand's values and messaging, we established a cohesive visual language that reflected the professionalism and quality of our product and services.

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Strategic partners

The digital campaign began with a full redevelopment of the brand's website and the creation of an organic social media presence.

With a messaging strategy focused on direct from manufacture vs. online retailer. We developed actionable, benefit oriented copy that would drive response.

Organic social strategy

Our power-packed organic social media campaign focused on the blaster technology, crafting compelling content that engaged with our target audience.


With a strong focus on visual storytelling and user-generated content, we'll bring your brand to life and showcase the benefits of your products in action.

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“We purchased a pressure washer & sand blaster from Typhoon a couples of years ago and we absolutely love it. We use it to clean caked mud from cars and trucks and also to keep our car lot clean.”

Tommy N. from Easley, South Carolina