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The second-largest credit union in Texas wanted to establish itself as a premier mortgage lender by delivering high-tech, high-touch mortgage experiences to its members in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. To help EECU achieve that goal, Carbon developed an end-to-end marketing campaign.


Strategy, Identity & Branding, Print, Digital & Web, Social Media

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Using a variety of advanced audience modeling techniques, Carbon created multiple target demographic profiles for the client. 

With their audiences identified, we applied our findings – and a deep understanding of EECU's mortgage product offerings – to the development of the campaign.

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Personalizing every touchpoint 

To make the mortgage purchase process faster and more efficient, yet still personal, Carbon designed a seamless digital experience for customers. That implemented personalized features, including the ability to set appointments, access EECU live-video/chat functions and customize rates.

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From website to inbox

Using EECU's robust database as a foundation, Carbon developed a supportive email campaign that served as a helpful guide for potential borrowers, providing relevant information and assistance throughout the home-buying process. From initial interest to loan closure, this customized email series provided insights on the mortgage process, tips for finding the right home, and how-to’s for navigating the intricacies of closing.

Following up with direct mail

Carbon developed a direct mail campaign that retargeted potential customers who’d shown interest but hadn’t committed. Building on the success of the email campaign, these follow-up executions incorporated creative formats, personalized messaging, and eye-catching visuals to remind prospects of the benefits of choosing EECU as their mortgage lender.

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EECU_DirectMail_01 copy.webp

By the numbers:


Conversion rate


Increase in mortgage



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Our team's dedication to delivering a high-tech, high-touch mortgage experience resulted in increased customer satisfaction and a streamlined process for EECU.

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